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Heather Cover- Kus, Research Officer, Commonwealth Secretariat

When I said I was moving to the UK in 2011, a number of people assumed I was planning to study law.  (I hope it was because I fit the profile of a typical law student – young, intelligent, and driven.)  However, I am among a growing number of Bahamian professionals in the UK who are bucking the trend and working in a variety of other fields.  I am a Research Officer in the Economic Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat.  In my role, I focus on the challenges that small states in the Commonwealth face and help to develop policy insights which states can use to build their economic resilience.   The Commonwealth Secretariat advocates for the development needs of small and vulnerable states and strives to garner the support of key regional and international organisations.

My work has made me realise that many of the challenges that The Bahamas faces are a result of our small size.  While I miss home, especially at Christmas time, I know that the work that I am doing is helping my country. 

I honestly believe The Bahamas is among the best countries in the world, but we could be doing better.  I would like to see us continue to develop and progress economically and socially.  I would like to see crime rates fall and tolerance for different perspectives increase.  I would like (no, love) to see Bahamian women get the same rights as men with regard to passing on citizenship to our families. I would like The Bahamas to go boldly into the future; embracing change, evolving and adapting.  My wish for The Bahamas is that we live up to our motto, moving “forward, upward, onward, together.”


-Heather Cover-Kus