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"Bahamian" Othello

Starring Bahamian actor Craig Pinder as Othello, Belinda Owusu, Eastenders' Libby Fox, in her stage debut as Desdemona, and Moses Hardwick as Iago.

When the strong-willed Desdemona marries against her father's wishes, her world is turned upside down. Her new husband is powerful, rugged, romantic...and white, a Conchy Joe.

Bahamian blood runs high in a radical and feisty reworking of Shakespeare's classic. In this world of opposites, black is white, freedom is imprisonment and love, through the distorting prism of jealousy, remains as unpredictable as the ocean.

Following the success of That Bahamian Ting, The Nuffield is delighted to be collaborating once again with Yellowtale Theatre Company.

"Wonderfully evocative." Daily Echo on That Bahamian Ting Yellowtale Theatre Company.