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NEMA Receives New Preliminary Reports from Southeast and Central Bahamas on Hurricane Irene

NASSAU, The Bahamas - The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) presented a preliminary account on the most recent impact of Hurricane Irene on the various Bahamian Islands, August 25, 2011. In the Southeast Bahamas, there were several reports made to NEMA, as the NEOC was in continuous contact with Family Island administrators and disaster management stakeholders.

Some of the points of interest in the reports from the Southeast Bahamas were as follows:

At 2:40 a.m., NEMA received reports from Rum Cay, in Sandy Point in the Columbus Landing Sub area that there was a female with her disabled father in a home in which a portion of the roof had collapsed. No assistance could be rendered due to down trees and impassable roads. However, a nearby resident was committed to providing assistance.  By 3:18 a.m. assistance was provided, moving him to another room in the house but not out of the house because of the storm.

By 7:55 a.m. NEMA received a report that homes have major damages (level 2-3), roads are impassable due to down trees and the bridge in Port Nelson is lost.

Also at 7:55 a.m., San Salvador reported minor damages to the settlement, power outages and damage to the council building compound.

At 6:08 a.m., Exuma reported slight winds, power outage from midnight, shelter had 27 people all in order, with a few shingles off the clinic and government buildings and downed trees that will be removed at daylight.

By 6:38 a.m. Gregory Town reported that the weather was subsiding, with winds 60 - 70 knots, with overcast skies and light rain, electricity and cable are off, power lines down, shelters and clinics are in good condition.  The cell phones services were working but landlines were down, water level very low and there was vegetation in the roads. The administrator also asked for ZNS to make a plea to residents to stay indoors until advised.

At 7:34 a.m, NEMA received reports that Farmer's Cay had a power outage, downed power lines, 10 persons in the shelter, roof damage to the clinic and school, but no flooding, The BTC storage also shed blown down therefore communication went down, planks were missing from the dock and the airstrip was covered with debris.

At 7:48 a.m., Staniel Cay reported: strong winds, power outage and three persons in the shelter. The shelter and the clinic had lost shingles. Landlines were working and they were also transmitting via VHF radios. Further, drains were working, planks were missing from the Government dock and the Yacht Club and the south side of the airport was flooded.

In the 8:50 a.m. report from Cat Island, all the power lines were down and there was no telecommunication. There was light flooding, the island was experiencing hurricane force winds, and there were no reports of injuries.

By 9:10 a.m., however, NEMA received reports that the administrator's home in North Cat Island had lost its roof. Arthur's Town and Dumfries were experiencing flooding. Also, while in the process of trying to relocate from the Police Station in Arthur's Town, the roof was blown off and the station and the police vehicles were flooded. St. Andrew's Church roof was blown off and Cat Island was experiencing extremely strong winds at that time.

Also, Family Island Administrators are asking the general public to be patient with their retrieval of information, as transportation to most of the settlements is blocked or hindered and communications is affected adversely to some degree on all islands.