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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 11 March 2011

Image: Asahi Shimbun / An Inju

The Government and People of The Bahamas join with citizens around the world in expressing profound sorrow at the terrible loss of life and the human tragedy resulting from the catastrophic earthquake and horrific tsunami impacting Japan on 11 March 2011. Speaking on the matter, Prime Minister Ingraham said he had no doubt that the thoughts and prayers of all Bahamians are with the victims and their families as they endure the pain of the dreadful natural disasters that continue to impact Japan.

Prime Minister Ingraham recalled that Japan is always amongst the first of the developed countries to respond to international disasters with help and assistance.  He said that The Bahamas was happy to learn that the world community at the level of the United Nations and indeed in capital cities of the developed countries with the ability to respond have signalled a readiness to lend whatever assistance is required by Japan to recover from this terrible disaster.

The Embassy of Japan in London is accepting donations for relief efforts.  All donations received will be converted into Yen and forwarded to the Japanese Red Cross Society to be dispensed to assist the people in the Tohoku region who have been affected by this disaster

Please visit the Embassy's website if you would like to make a donation.