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Junkanoo Tickets Available On-Line

Photo by Mr. Peter Ramsay

Nothing is more indigenous and unique to Bahamian culture than Junkanoo. It is a music and dance form that originated in The Bahamas during the days of slavery. A festive parade complete with colourful costumes, goatskin drums, clanging cowbells, whistles and horns, it has remained remarkably unchanged over the years. The parade progresses in a low, rhythmic dance called 'rushing'. Traditionally, the festival is held in the early hours of Boxing Day (26 December) and on New Year's Day, winding up at sunrise. The paraders 'rush' in organised groups and are judged on costume theme and performance in a keen competition which captures the spirit of all Bahamians at this very special time of the year.

Ticket are avaiable on-line at