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UK Visa Clinic

The Bristish Consulate-General in New York will conduct a Visa Clinic on Wednesday 30th March, 2011 between 11 AM and 1:00 PM at Police Conference Centre, Police Headquarters, East Street, Nassau. The purpose of the clinic is to bring to the attention of perspective travellers recent changes to the UK student visa requirements. Experience has shown that common mistakes have been made in completing the visa application resulting in loss of funds and delays in students being able to travel to the UK to commence their studies.

Perspective UK students and high school guidance counsellors along with interested parents are encouraged to take advantage of being briefed regarding the UK student visa requirements by attending the aforementioned clinic.

The visa clinics will be conducted by Mrs. Jasmine Boria-Djellali, Entry Clearance Manager of the United Kingdom Consulate, New York. She will be assisted by Mrs. Sandra N. McLaughlin, Vice Consul at Bahamas Consulate General, New York.