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The Bahamas High Commission is now open for Voter Registration for Bahamians eligible to vote Overseas. Please be advised that only Bahamian staff posted to a Bahamas Embassy, High Commission, Permanent Mission, Consulate, Bahamas Maritime Authority office and Tourism Office and their spouses, as well as Bahamian Students studying abroad, including first time voters, are eligible to register at the High Commission.

Applicants for registration as an eligible voter must satisfy the following requirements:

1. Must be 18 years or older; must present a Bahamian passport
2. Must have resided for three (3) months in a Polling Division of a Constituency in The Bahamas, prior to travelling overseas;
3. A Bahamian Student must produce evidence that he/she is registered in a college or university within the UK, before applying for registration as a voter.

Please note that Bahamians residing in the UK who are not classified under the aforementioned categories are not eligible as they would not have been resident in The Bahamas for six months.

Please be advised that the applicant can present one of the following set of documents as proof of citizenship:
A. Valid Passport (cancelled or tampered passports are not acceptable)

B. One-year-expired Passport. An expired passport may be used as a photo ID in some cases; this would be based on the PEA’s section on valid legal documents;

C. Birth Certificate and official identification (NIB senior citizen card, school ID, driver’s license) and mother’s passport if applicant was born after Independence. If the mother was born after Independence, the grandmother’s passport may be necessary; and

D. Naturalisation Certificate and a Birth Certificate or a Registration Certificate.

E. Current or previous Voter’s Card and passport or birth certificate (if born before Independence). See (C) above for persons born after Independence.

Further, please note that the following documents are not acceptable as proof of Bahamian citizenship:

F. An Affidavit;
G. A Driver’s License;
H. A Baptismal Certificate; and
I. An Immunization Card (‘Yellow Card’). Please note that categories G, H and I can be used as supporting documents.

Office hours for Voter Registration: 10am-4pm