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Constitutional Referendum Bill Amendments

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The public is encouraged to carefully review the Government notices and the amendment bills.

They contain the explanations for the proposed amendments along with the questions to be voted on. The Bahamas High Commission trusts that members of the public would have a clear understanding of the process and proposed changes to the constitution.


Please see the amendments below for the upcoming Constitutional Referendum on Gender Equality.



Under this proposed change to the Constitution, a child born outside The Bahamas would become a Bahamian citizen at birth if either its mother or father is a citizen of The Bahamas by birth.



Under this proposed change to the Constitution, the foreign spouse of a Bahamian citizen would be entitled to apply for and obtain citizenship subject to satisfying: (i) existing national security or public policy considerations; and (ii) new provisions guarding against marriages of convenience.



Under this proposed change to the Constitution, a Bahamian father of a person born out of wedlock would be able to pass his citizenship to that person subject to legal proof that he is the father.



Under this proposed change to the Constitution, it would be unlawful to discriminate based on "sex", which would be defined as "being male or female," with the effect that women and men would have equal rights under the Constitution.

Advanced poll takes place on May 31st, 2016, the deadline for registration for the advanced poll is May 20th, 2016.

Persons who have yet to register can do so by filling out Form J. For more information please contact The Bahamas High Commission at 0207 408 4488.



See attached amendments here.

See attached amendments here.