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Bahamas Renews Diplomatic Relations with Sweden

BHC London

Stockholm, Sweden, An historic moment for The Bahamas, as the countrys first non-resident Ambassador to Sweden was confirmed in the capital of Stockholm.

The Bahamas High Commissioner to The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland and non-resident Ambassador to Sweden His Excellency Eldred Bethel presented credentials to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of the Kingdom of Sweden on January 13th at The Royal Palace.

The Bahamas and Sweden renewed their commitment to work together on mutually beneficial areas impacting the international community. Discussions covered bilateral and multilateral issues including migration, climate change, forestry, education, sustainable development among other matters.

Ambassador Bethel met with several Swedish officials including Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallstrom; Ambassador Klas Molin, Chief of Protocol; Ambassador Claes Hammar, Head of The Caribbean; Ambassador Teppo Tauriainen, Head of The Americas and Mr Niclas Kvarnstrom, Head of UN Office.

“For years The Bahamas has had an ongoing relationship with Sweden, with the accreditation, The Bahamas further solidifies its relationship with Sweden. We continue to push matters that are in the interest of the overall economic growth and development of The Bahamas and areas of mutual concern,” stated Ambassador Bethel.

Sweden recently supported The Bahamas in its successful bid to the Council of the International Maritime Organization. The Bahamas and Sweden share similarities having mostly free economies based on the ten economic freedoms criteria including trade, business, finance, labour and investment.

Chief of Protocol and former Ambassador for Sweden to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines, Ambassador Klas Molin extended his country’s welcome and thanked The Bahamas for its cooperation.

“Ambassador Bethel, you and your team have been gracious and hospitable during your visit here in Sweden, we hope that we will continue to deepen our relationship with The Bahamas and offer technical assistance where necessary,” stated Ambassador Molin.

In addition to Sweden, Ambassador Bethel is also accredited to Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta and is expected to present credentials to Ireland and South Africa this year.



Left to right, Ambassador Claes Hammar, Head of The Caribbean, Miss Anna Block Mazoyer, Deputy Chief of Protocol, Ambassador Bethel, Ambassador Klas Molin, Mr Niclas Kvarnstrom, Head of UN Office. 


Miss Anna Block Mazoyer, Deputy Chief of Protocol, Ambassador Bethel, Honourary Consul Lennart Andersson, Jamaica and Honourary Consul Hans Norgren, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ambassador Bethel met with Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallstrom.




Left to right, Ambassador Teppo Tauriainen, Head of The Americas, Ambassador Bethel and Ambassador Claes Hammar, Head of The Caribbean. 

Ambassador Bethel and Dr Shua Ma, Vice President, World Maritime University discussed admissions and requirements for eligible Bahamians to receive fellowships to attend WMU.