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Bahamas High Commissioner to London Encourages Freeport Students

Bahamas Information Services

His Excellency Eldred (Ed) Bethel, Bahamas High Commissioner to London, on Monday encouraged students of St. Georges High School, to make the most of their education, as it is something they will need in their lives.

Mr. Bethel was on island as a part of Diplomatic Week, when Heads of Missions return to The Bahamas to give a report on their work in their assigned countries. They also speak to students, and His Excellency requested Grand Bahama, where he was born.

While addressing the students, he explained the conditions under which he grew up – no electricity or running water and having to study with a kerosene lamp to having one pair of shoes and one set of Sunday clothes.

The former Broadcaster added that he was also taught never to say anything wrong or untrue about people, and with this, he urged the 12th grade students to be honest. He said if they hear something saying a lie, they ought to speak to them about their level of honesty.

Being responsible is something the students were also urged to be, as “everyone is responsible for their actions.” Teachers, parents, leaders and the students all have a role to play, and they are all responsible. He added that they may not have adults in their lives to give them the support they need, but there is no excuse for neglecting homework, talking back or not trying. He said, “You are responsible for your own destiny.”