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42nd Anniversary of Independence Message from The Hon. Frederick A. Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Immigration

The Hon. Frederick A. Mitchell

I wish to extend good tidings to our Bahamian citizens around the world on the 42nd Anniversary of our nations Independence.

42 years ago, the people of The Bahamas made a decision to determine their own path, together on a search for independent development and culture. Today marks a clear understanding of how hard work and determination can elevate a young fledgling country.

It has been determined that this year’s theme, "Our children, our future", aims to provide special attention and focus to the generations that will move us into the future. A new generation of Bahamians will soon take our country into a new era of initiatives and developments, therefore, we must prepare the generations that will follow them.

A few weeks ago I attended a service marking our independence with the community in and around Delray Beach. I reminded them that with the passage of time, the founders of the country have largely left us. Those who remain have memories that are fading. It is therefore up to us to ensure that the children know the story of how we came to build the best little country in the world.

This was no fairy tale. The British when they left us, did not sail away on their Navy ships, leaving us a neat little package saying "go for yourself". What you see built today is a country from scratch, forged by the generation that brought us majority rule in 1967. Let us commit ourselves to teach this history to the next generation so that they will never forget.

Our successes will rely on Bahamians coming together in the oldest and continuing adage of our modern state, "Forward, Upward, Onward, Together". Now remains the time for us as a people to determine our best way forward and I encourage our citizens worldwide to take this opportunity to reflect on our next steps into the future.

I wish you a safe holiday and Happy Independence!

Fred Mitchell MP


Minister of Foreign Affairs & Immigration