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Sir Arthur Foulkes Honoured in London

BHC London photo

Shortly after his audience with Her Majesty The Queen, Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes on Thursday, June 27th 2014, arrived at Bahamas House for a reception in his honour. The delightful 86 year - old was greeted by his hosts High Commissioner Eldred Bethel and Mrs. Dawne Bethel. Bahamians, High Commissioners, dignitaries and friends all gathered to honour Sir Arthur on his farewell visit to The Queen before he demits office on July 8th, 2014.

During his remarks, Sir Arthur told the guests it has been a privilege over the last four years to serve the Bahamian people in the capacity of Governor General. The founding father explained to Bahamians and international guests, that being chosen to serve the people of your own country is a blessing.

“All of us in this room, we have a common objective in life for our happiness and that is to ensure the wellbeing for the people we serve. In our Bahamas we do our best to serve our people,” stated Sir Arthur Foulkes.  


Sir Arthur who will go down in history as the 8th Governor General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, shared with his fellow countrymen and those from The Caribbean, his strong belief for small nations to protect their countries.

“For all of us that believe in the brotherhood of mankind we must work together to secure the future of humanity against all the threats that we are facing today, particularly the threat of environmental degradation and climate change. We are acutely aware of and sensitive about that in The Bahamas. All of us small states have a lot to lose when it comes to climate change, destruction of reefs and rising sea levels. We must all raise our voices together in the councils of the world in the defence of our environment,” he said.


High Commissioner Bethel expressed his respect, appreciation and deep regard for Sir Arthur as he vividly described being trained by Sir Arthur during the early years.

“Many moons ago when blackberry was still a fruit and only birds tweeted, I met a man named Arthur Foulkes as desk editor at the Nassau daily Tribune. He became my mentor as I spent 3 and a half years honing my craft under his tutilage. And for this I want to tell you that I owe my professional life to him. Sir Arthur has been in forefront of the great political and constitutional changes in The Bahamas. He is only one of six living Members of Parliament who brought about Majority Rule in The Bahamas in 1967,” said High Commissioner Bethel. 

The evening was also filled with gift exchanges as Sir Arthur presented High Commissioner Bethel with a portrait of The Queen by Bahamian artist Jamaal Rolle. Mrs. Bethel showered Lady Foulkes with a tropical summer bouquet.

As the evening concluded, High Commissioner Bethel ended with these words,

“Sir Arthur, I wish that you and Lady Foulkes will continue to enjoy life at its best.”