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Bahamian Diplomat Re-elected to the post of President of the "Young Diplomats in London Association"

The High Commission wishes to congratulate Second Secretary/Vice Consul Mr Michael Guy on being re-elected to the post of President of the "Young Diplomats in London" Association for a second year. The election took place yesterday at the Annual General Meeting of the YDL Association.

Congratulations are also extended to the other members of the newly elected YDL 2013 Committee.

Front left to right: Mayka Wingate (Australia), Tanya Felicia Hulse (Belize), Baharak Moradi (IMO), Nataly Lorentz (VNA Museum)
Back left to right: Natthapol Na Songkhla (Thailand), Oliver Thomas (USA), Felipe Krause (Brazil), Mike Guy (Bahamas) PRESIDENT*, Rostyslav Ogryzko (Ukraine), Michele Tilio (Il Circolo Europa), Marcin Tatarzynski(Poland) and Réda Oudghiri Idrissi (Morocco)

Photo Courtesy of Embassy Magazine (