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Bahamian Artist Holly Parotti Participates in the Royal Overseas League Annual Scholars Exhibition 2012

The work of Bahamian Artist Miss Holly Parotti can now be viewed as part of the Royal Overseas League's Annual Scholars Exhibition 2012. The show, which runs until 21 October, is at the "gallery@oxo", Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH, and admission is free.


Artist's Statement

The results of my portfolio have thus far, often uncomfortably, addressed themes of loneliness and security, the two-sided result of man-made boundaries.

Despite this, the human form barely appears, the narrative instead is driven by the objects and language we use to define our existences. In this way, I attempt to draw attention to the way we create the limits of our world and how these limitations define human relationships.

In the focal project of this residency, passing ports is a mixed media installation where I concentrated on a way of life that some envisage and occasionally experience in crossing geographical boundaries-the psychological product of migration, emigration and immigration. Legally, only obtaining a passport permits journeys beyond borders. As does a passport, the process of printmaking allows the artist to replicate the unique qualities of an image and by this repetition passing ports begins the discourse about the initial "legal", but not original, occupants of the Bahamas compared to its contemporary myriad of descendants of other foreign nationals. The impetus behind a passport is not only a means of physical, natural and cultural identification but also an object that can delineate where the possessor can be limited. This is a physical definition but in some instances may be a psychological confinement.

My experience provided essential details for this particular study but even more crucial development because of access to contemporary facilities and the opportunity to engage with people from distinctive cultural identities.